Download Patch Version 6.04 (25,6 MB)
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Patch ver. 6.04 changes:

Crash bugs fixed:
- Grenade through window crash bug.
- Freeze bug in random locations.
- Crash occured if NPC was hit by explosion and start speak with mercenaries same turn.

Other fixes:
- Corpse position now correct.
- Grace (A.I.M.) had wrong skills in comparisson to manual.
- Matt's (Mine manager Alma) script had some mistakes.
- Tony now accept cal 4.6 ammo.

Map Bugs fixed:
- N7 - N7 hot fix for ver 6.02 included.
- J9 - Test version traces removed - there was huge free access stock of LAWs in South-West corner of the map.
- M3 - some weapons had inproper attachments.
- O3 - some weapons had inproper attachments.

Balance changes:
- Hotfix for ver 6.02 for integrated attachement and throw knife included.
- Silencer now increases AP cost of shot by 1AP.
- Collimator scope bonus slightly increased.

Texts and interface:
- Fixed some typos
- Fixed some word division problems
- Font size increased in some menus to make reading easier

German ver specific:
- Battle sounds rearranged.
- SAVEGAME DIR AFTER PATCH MUST BE "SavedGames.DE"! Check it if game don't see you saves after patching.

Special bonus changes:
- New graphics for Ira (rebel).
- Some new gunshot sounds (9mm pistols).

Also included:
Patch 6.02
List of Changes:
BLACK LIST of non innocently acquired keys created, patch WILL NOT WORK with.

A class bugs fixes:
- Last enemy in sector kill crash bug
- Scrolling crash bug
- Too much free space problem for HHD's over 160GB

B class bugs fixes:
- Disappearing dead bodies bug
- Platinum watch wrong image (was machete)
- MP53 and Commando wrong reload sound
- AS-VAL single shot wrong sound
- V-94 shot wrong sound
- Endless clockwatch if player trying to pass Deed to Kyle without talking to him.**

Wrong or mist resources fixes:
- Mist battle speeches for PGC

Logic bugs fixes
- LAW no shoot after reload bug - can shot after reload now
- Miguels' speech bug - Miguel was talking to player he can recruit Dimitry while Dimitry was in player's squad already.**
- Matt's' speech logic**
- Mistake with notification Letter comming from AIM on dismissal of ex AIM mercenaries currently emlployed by MERC fixed**
- Clips unloaded from machineguns were weightless.
- Tony wasn't buy VSS and Collimator

Map Fixes:
- A9 (Dropzone), Pacos moved in front of Gas staion to help player spot him - was hidden inside house.**
- D2 (North-West SAM), through wall passing enemy bug - some time enemy came through the wall of command center.
- N4 Basement(Meduna sewage), wrong destination of travel to N5 fixed (was leading inside wall area)
- O3 Basement (Meduna sewage) Removed dated settings of map. Weapons attachements rules from earlier WF version replaced - there vere some weapons with wrong attachements duplicating integrated set (Chainsaw and SVU)*
- J9 (ground level) - Some civilian Guards had not loaded Weapons*

Removed items:
- Walter removed - was in Miners commision building in San-Mona mine sector: personage not used in game**
- Regen boosters removed from game - item not supposed to be in game
- Metal Detectors are removed from J9 prison and H13 basement bunker- item not supposed to be in game *

- Prone bonus for Machineguns and V94 is raised;
- Headshot damage raised while headshot chance is lowered;
- Headshot chance for weapons equipped with Leupold Scope raised a bit while AP penalty raised to +2;
- Some other changes.

Typos fixed (german version)
- Bipod - description chaged as requested through poll
- Mini-14 - Description fixed
- V94 - description fixed
- M79 - description shortened
- Exceed spaces in descriptions deleted

Not a bug list - Q/A
Q: Tony doens't buy mines, but Keith does. Mines are weapons, aren't they?
A: No - mines are explosives like TNT.

Q: Chopper does not fly when I trying to transport tourists/Joye to Airport/Cambria what's wrong?
A: NPC you escorting are not your mercenaries and Skyraider will not transport them alone. You should load they into chopper together with at least one of your mercs.