01. Janno “Brain” Allik 21. Thor Kaufman
02. Steve "Grizzly" Bornell 22. Victor “Monk” Koleshnikov
03. Henning von Branitz 23. Sidney Nettleson
04. Trevor Colby 24. John "Bull" Peters
05. Dr. Laura Colin 25. Dr. Daniel "Danny" Quinten
06. Fidel Dahan 26. Rudy "Lynx" Roberts
07. Dr. Michael "MD" Dawson 27. Carl "Reaper" Sheppards
08. Igor Dolvich 28. Kyle "Shadow" Simmons
09. Ivan Dolvich 29. Edgar "Nails" Smorth
10. "Lucky" Luc Fabre 30. Monica "Buns" Sonderguard
11. Louisa "Buzz" Garneau 31. Ernie "Red" Spragg
12. Graziella "Grace" Girelli 32. Rudolf Steiger
13. Bobby "Steroid" Gontarski 33. Kirk "Static" Stevenson
14. Helmut "Grunty" Grunther 34. Robert "Scully" Sullivan
15. Cynthia "Fox" Guzzman 35. Barry Unger
16. Charlene "Raven" Higgens 36. J.P. "La Malice" Viau
17. Ron "Raider" Higgens 37. Lennart "Scream" Vilde
18. “Dr. Q.” Huaong 38. Earl "Magic" Walker
19. Dr. Donna "Spider" Houston 39. Victoria "Vicki" Waters
20. Norma "Meltdown" Jessop 40. Ice Williams


01. Allik, Janno “Brain”

Janno: a born Estonian with a German mother. Spent most of his time with the Russian military. Likes to cook for friends and enjoys the good life. But is top fit, a bear of a man, prefers heavy weapons. Locks are no problem and no obstacle.

Additional Info

  • Prefers to work together with fellow Estonian Vilde, who he met while stationed in East Germany.

02. Bornell, Steve "Grizzly"

A bear of a man, Grizzly Bornell carries the big guns of battle with authority. Even though heavy weapons are his specialty, he is just as lethal when left empty-handed. He's a soldier's soldier--all guts and no need for glory. Not surprisingly, his combat exploits are almost always the talk of the plane ride home.

Additional Info:

  • Big, burly, a bear of a man.
  • His toughness is to such an extent it borders on comical. It's understated. No need for kickass statements, it's just understood.
  • Friendly, and without pretence, he's the type of guy you'd want next to you in combat.
  • Voice: Deep, warm, reassuring.

03. Branitz von, Henning

This full Pro is a former member of the GDR Folks army and comes from an old Prussian family. After the reunification of Germany, Henning began an extremely successful career as a merc. Early on he was an adviser in Cuba, now his list of foreign exp. is as long as your arm. Heavy and automatic weapons are in the best hands with Henning.

Additional Info:

  • He has something against New Age, which is why he gets allergic attacks when he has to work together with Thor

04. Colby, Trevor

Aussie whiz-kid and gadget-master Trevor Colby can turn a harmless toaster oven into a lethal weapon. He has extensive knowledge of explosives and a real knack for surprise. A practical joker at heart, Trevor takes as much delight in planning and setting a trap as he does in watching its perfect execution. Colby may be a little inexperienced but he catches on quickly.

Additional Info:

  • Typical cheerful Aussie with heavy accent.
  • Has an underlying intelligence and cunning.
  • Slightly flippant.

05. Dr. Colin, Laura

The born Rumanian came to Germany with her parents, as she was a child just before their cover was blown. Her arrangement against unjust dictators she has from her parents. She studied medicine and came to the mercenary business through her partner Rudolf Steiger. A totally passionate mercenary!

Additional Info

  • Automatic weapons are as much a strength as stalking an enemy.
  • Hates to work with Buzz Garneau.

06. Dahan, Fidel

Due to numerous employee complaints concerning his refusal to follow orders, Fidel "Leave me alone, I'm busy!" Dahan was recently suspended for a thirty-day period. Promising a changed attitude, he was returned to active duty by A.I.M. though because he is so proficient with both firearms and explosives. Fidel hasn't quite been himself lately.

Additional Info:

  • Aggressive, slightly psychotic.
  • Has a comical ruthlessness to him. Conveyed by a short, heavy, Cuban accent.
  • Usually mad about something, shows hints of a softer side but even that is tainted.
  • Extremely impatient. Type of guy that would force a square into a circle while blaming the square for his frustration.

07. Dr. Dawson, Michael "MD"

Fresh out of med school, Doctor Dawson eagerly awaits his first assignment. Although his innocent and youthful appearance has prevented others from taking him seriously but rest assured, once he saves a couple of lives, he'll be shown the kind of respect he deserves. For a man who just completed his internship, he can certainly wield a mean scalpel.

Additional Info:

  • Young, inexperienced, a little chattier than most of the others.
  • Uses some scientific terminology.
  • Enthusiastic and somewhat brash.
  • Surprises himself on occasion as he feels his way through combat.

08. Dolvich, Igor

Following in his uncle's footsteps won't be easy for Igor. His uncle Ivan Dolvich is legendary. Igor may be new to A.I.M. but he is by no means new to armed combat--he developed his abilities for stealth while in action in Chechnya. Most importantly, his bloodline speaks volumes about his potential. Igor and Ivan are already being referred to as the Russian "I-Team."

Additional Info:

  • Russian accent.
  • Has had plenty of exposure to alcohol, though not a drunk.
  • Uses odd expressions, which sometimes come off as strange and funny.
  • Admires his uncle, Ivan, but probably lacks the fortitude and discipline to be like him.

09. Dolvich, Ivan

Ivan, a former highly decorated Red Army Major, joined the organization over three years ago on a freelance assignment. Despite serious difficulties communicating in English, he took the mercenary world by storm, breaking all kill-rate records and tallying up the kind of stats that perhaps only he himself is capable of breaking. In order to improve his relationship with commanders, Ivan has enrolled in an "English as a second language" course.

Additional Info:

  • Dialogue a blend of Russian and English.
  • Struggles for words in English, tends to fall into Russian during tense moments.
  • Very direct and unemotional.
  • Uses Russian to make private comments and take stabs at the player.

10. Fabre, Luc "Lucky"

Lucky comes from Belgium and has not really earned his nickname as he seems to be followed by bad luck. Fatherless childhood, many experiences. Then he discovered someone having a go at his little sister and in his rage, broke the persons neck: an accident. The victim was unfortunately a VIP and therefore Luc had go underground by the mercenaries.

Additional Info

  • This muscleman is a weapon on legs. Close combat would be enough for him, but with automatic weapons he is unbeatable!

11. Garneau, Lousia "Buzz"

Buzz Garneau's life has undergone some major changes in the past year. She had a major falling out with Lynx; they can barely stand to be on the same planet. Her tell-all book, "Under Cover, Under Lynx," has been rejected by every publisher who's seen it. While all of this has left her bitter, she has been able to channel her anger into her work with firearms.

Garneau was recently certified as a heavy weapons specialist.

Additional Info:

  • Buzz and Lynx we're in a relationship. He broke it off.
  • She hates him, and men in general, because of it.
  • She's absolutely miserable and bitter, bitter, bitter.

12. Girelli, Graziella "Grace"

Grace grew up in New Jersey and comes from an Italo/Hungarian family Early on, she foiled her mother's marriage and would rather play with her wild brothers instead of dolls. Her Italian soul expresses itself in her love for spaghetti

and noodles of all variations.

Additional Info

  • She brought knife throwing to perfection and as a young girl could already beat her brother, driving her mother crazy.

13. Gontarski, Bobby "Steroid"

The transition from fighting fires to fire-fights has been quite the success for this ex-fireman from Warsaw. His knowledge of mechanics kept the outdated and under-funded Polish firehouse running. Reputed for his eagle-eyed vision and pumped-up persistence, he's now using these talents to keep enemies on the run. Gontarski refuses to submit to urine testing.

Additional Info:

  • Type of guy who hangs out at the gym staring at himself in the mirror.
  • Impatient, prone to outbursts in certain situations.
  • Full of himself.
  • His stilted command of English and lack of intelligence can be comical at times.

14. Grunther , Helmut "Grunty"

Helmut has moved through the ranks of this organization quicker than any other mercenary and is now a firmly established seasoned professional. Grunty's attitude and approach continues to be exemplary, making him one of our most popular mercenaries. Grunther has shown a strong interest in heavy weapons and night maneuvers.

Additional Info:

  • German accent.
  • A go-getter, someone eager who takes his job seriously.
  • A hint of ego, though not conceited.
  • Has something to say about everything.

15. Guzzman, Cyntia "Fox"

Initially trained as an emergency room nurse, Fox Guzzman was recently featured in "Babes and Bullets," a prestigious monthly mercenary magazine. Her article on controlling hemorrhaging while on the battlefield was almost as highly praised as her centerfold layout.

Guzzman has recently spent a lot of time on the firing range and it has paid off handsomely.

Additional Info

  • Dialogue makes reference to sexual innuendo.
  • She is extremely conscious of her looks and uses it to her advantage.
  • Voice is extremely sexy, with a hint of sweetness.

16. Higgens, Charlene "Raven"

Former L.A.P.D. SWAT team sharpshooter, Sgt. Charlene Higgens left the force for A.I.M. so she could work alongside her husband, Ron Higgens. They prefer to take assignments together since operate with the precision of a solitary unit. If you listen to them though, you'd never realize they're married; they rarely acknowledge their personal lives during work. Raven is qualified in night operations.

Additional Info:

  • A female version of her husband. They belong together.
  • Less obsessive about being in charge.
  • Lighter, more prone to humor
  • More open and outgoing.

17. Higgens, Ron "Raider"

Lt. Ron Higgens is a former commander of the Los Angeles SWAT team. When he fell in love with his ace sniper, Sgt. Charlene Higgens, they managed to keep their relationship a secret up until a year ago. When they decided to marry, the L.A.P.D. refused to allow them to continue working together, so they joined A.I.M. He's organized, experienced, and decisive. Raider is a natural leader.

Additional Info:

  • Ex-cop. Strong leader, very much in command
  • Resents incompetence
  • Well-rounded, doesn't really have any quirks. A closed personality.
  • Thinks before he speaks. Exhibits a disbelief about the creatures. Refers to them as shrimp

18. Huaong, "Dr. Q"

Doctor Huaong draws much of his medical knowledge from the branches of the ancient healing traditions. His marksmanship may be a little poor, but Dr. Q's expertise in so many other disciplines--night operations, guerrilla warfare tactics, and martial arts-more than make up for it, and he could easily double his fees.

Additional Info

  • Spiritual and somewhat mystical
  • Formal use of English, though he's well-versed enough to use contractions
  • He's comes off as being respectful, yet he sometimes uses it as a guise to make snide remarks.
  • His dialogue is littered with spiritual connotations.

19. Dr. Houston, Donna "Spider"

Military trained in the treatment of trauma, Doctor Houston is unequalled in giving medical aid under the most adverse conditions. On the darkest nights or during the fiercest tropical storms, the wounded can count on Spider to provide quick, quiet, and effective emergency care. Don't let the nickname fool you. She got it from her fear of spiders and not from a prickly personality.

Additional Info:

  • Friendly, scientific and analytical.
  • Athletic, slightly tomboyish, spent her childhood hanging out with boys.
  • Finds no pleasure in killing, would rather just play doctor.
  • Most probably became a merc for the challenge of field treatment.
20. Jessop, Norma "Meltdown"

Don't mess with Meltdown. She may be smiling in her file photo, but that smile is certainly deceptive. This mercenary is legendary; an enemy once died at her feet from fear before Meltdown had even raised her weapon. As for her taste in weapons, the bigger, the better. In fact, Meltdown has a tendency for overkill in virtually every aspect of her life. Jessop is remarkably ambidextrous; she can easily fire two weapons simultaneously.

Additional Info:

  • Foul-mouthed, kickass woman, who could clear a bar in no time.
  • You'd shake in fear just looking at her.
  • Loves violence and killing, disturbingly so.
  • Has an all-around hate for humanity, in general.

21. Kaufman, Thor

This vegetarian New Age healer has an amazing grasp of medicine for a man who's never seen the inside of a university med school. He also has a decent grasp for killing quickly and quietly. Born on outskirts of Berlin, he now calls California home where he lives in the mountains with his newborn son and ex-wife, Cassandra.

Additional Info

  • Slight German accent
  • An easy-going new age, professional killer with scientific terminology in his dialogue
  • Switches to German expressions when the situation is tense.
  • He switches between the direct rigidity of his upbringing and his new found inner-tranquillity.

22. Koleshnikov, Victor "Monk"

The Russian born Victor Kolesnikov is exactly who would be called a Hard case. Automatic weapons are his area of skill. He very often seeks solitude and does not speak any more than necessary which is why his comrades call him Monk. A fitting nick name for this taciturn pro, who is also a camouflage expert.

Additional Info

  • He has a problem with his fellow Russian Ivan.
  • Because of his experiences in Tschetschenia he is choosy about his clientsRussian

23. Nettleson, Sidney

Whether it's sharing a spot of tea with British blue-bloods or putting a .38 slug into an unwanted nuisance, Sidney does it with poise and dignity. Sidney combines the mannerisms of the upper crust with the lighting quickness of a Wild West gunslinger. Years of avid cricket-playing have also given him a much-feared throwing arm.

Additional Info

  • Snob, prim and proper.
  • No matter what the situation, he never loses his dignity.
  • Formal British accent.
  • Cheerful, polite, optimistic professional.

24. Peters, John "Bull"

He's a massive man of very few words. John Peters prefers to let his actions speak for him. Despite his experience as a U.S. Army MP, he has a concerted lack of respect for authority and angers easily. He probably spent as much time IN the brig as he did guarding it. Bull is the type of soldier who puts the grunt back into grunt work. Bull packs more power in his punch than anyone else currently on our roster.

Additional Info:

  • Mean, intolerant, aggressive.
  • Says as few words as possible.
  • Gets through any situation thrown at him with brute force.
  • Sarcastic bar-brawler, rather than out-and-out cruel.

25. Dr. Quinten, Quinten "Danny"

Doctor David Quinten is a mountaineer, skydiver, and mobile medical practitioner. During Operation Desert Storm, he developed a reputation for jumping out of helicopters to operate on wounded soldiers that were lying out in the middle of sandy mine fields. Even more remarkably, Danny wouldn't call in EVAC until the patient was well on his way to recovery. He has been known to be a bit of a lone wolf.

Additional Info:

  • A sociable loner. He enjoys people, but appreciates being alone with his thoughts
  • An intellectual, who gets into combat for the pure adventure.
  • Type of guy that can't stand still when stuff is going on around him.
  • Risks his life for calculated fun

26. Roberts, Rudy "Lynx"

Rudy Roberts is one of the most dependable veteran sharpshooters in A.I.M.'s line-up. Wishing to expand on his already impressive resume, Lynx took various training courses in basic electronics, advanced mechanics, night operations, and first aid and the treatment of battle casualties.

Lynx asks that he not be placed on assignment with Buzz Garneau.

Additional Info:

  • A handsome pretty boy, who's starting to age.
  • Slightly flippant, yet cautious as he goes about his business.
  • Well-defined, old-fashion attitude about woman.
  • Casual with a strong underlying work ethic.
  • The ex-boyfriend of Buzz Garneau.

27. Sheppards, Carl "Reaper"

Otherwise known as The Assassin, if you come face-to-face with Carl Sheppards, chances are you're on your last breath. The Reaper takes pride in his patience. He strides silently and uses his stealth skills to gain easy access to his victims. Carl also gets a kick out of looking them in

the eye just before they die. One of his former CO's described him as "potentially too dangerous even for A.I.M. service."

Additional Info:

  • A loner, though not anti-social.
  • Sees death and killing as something spiritual.
  • Carries himself as if living on another plane of existence.
  • He's almost spooky, has an unsettling calmness.

28. Simmons, Kyle "Shadow"

This ex-Ranger and sniper has turned stalking into an art form. The Shadow could be lurking about right next to you and chances are you'd never know it. That snow drift, sand dune, or piece of shrubbery could be him. Kyle Simmons has made it his business to blend into any environment for any length of time. The Shadow brings his own camouflage supplies and he wishes to make it known up-front that he doesn't share.

Additional Info:

  • Quiet, loner, low-key professional.
  • Comments are usually made to himself rather than as conversation.
  • Matter of fact type of guy, who doesn't draw attention to himself.
  • Voice: should have whisper quality, but still be commanding.

29. Smorth, Edgar "Nails"

Edgar Smorth traded in his bike, leathers, and vest to become a full-time A.I.M. mercenary. In the year he's been with the organization, Nails has taken advantage of his knowledge about car bombs to become a military explosives expert. Despite his career change, he hasn't lost his combative edge or substantial belly he developed as a renegade biker. Edgar has a knack for getting into inaccessible places, just as long as they aren't too small and narrow.

Additional Info:

  • Ex-biker, tough guy.
  • Voice: Heavy, deep and raspy.
  • Takes a jovial pleasure in killing.
  • Likes let out a sick laugh when he's having fun.
  • Calls people Scooter; a friendly put-down.

30. Sonderguard, Monica "Buns"

The prim and proper Monica Sonderguard may seem to be an unlikely candidate for the rough and tumble mercenary life, but she more than meets the minimum requirements. Before settling on A.I.M., Buns explored a number of careers: kindergarten teacher, geriatric nurse, Danish sharpshooter at the Atlanta Olympic games, and professional soldier.

Additional Info

  • A prim and proper, prude.
  • Believes herself better than anyone else.
  • Has a sense of superiority. She's a merc because she wants to, not because she has to.
  • Puts her feelings before logic.

31. Spragg, Ernie "Red"

This mad, mumbling Scotsman is from the old school of explosives where your instructor would fly by in pieces and you quickly moved up the ranks. Spragg is a survivor. With many years of experience under his wire cutters, he takes pride in teaching those military college kids a thing or two about detonation devices. Don't be thrown by Red's frantic ravings; the situation is rarely as dire as he likes to believe.

Additional Info

  • Easily excitable. Goes off rants. Bit of a hothead
  • Pessimist. Sees situations for their worst.
  • Heavy Scottish accent.

32. Steiger, Rudolf

This former GSG 9 man has only one weakness. Dr. Laura Colin, who he met during a special training in Lübeck. He is an absolute Pro, Night operations are his strength. He can also shoot the nuts out of a squirrel's paws from 3 km. Has the talent to become a trainer.


Additional Info

  • His mode of expression leaves a lot to be desired. Works well with Henning von Branitz, but Gasket is the red cloth in a bullring

33. Stevenson, Kirk "Static"

The years may go by, but Static barely seems to mature. His experience and laid-back nature allows Kirk to best operate under the cover of darkness. He has served his commanders well with his mechanical abilities and knowledge of electronics. And don't be deceived--although he looks like a hippie, peace and love are the furthest things from his mind. Like his good friend Spider, Static can't stand the sight of insects.

Additional Info:

  • Burnt out, deadhead, surfer dude.
  • Principled enough to get the job done.
  • Friendly, easy-going, somewhat focused even when he doesn't sound it.
  • He and Larry Roachburn use to do a lot of drugs together.

34. Sullivan, Robert "Scully"

The amiable Scully Sullivan is a long-time A.I.M. member. He's one of our most distinguished mercenaries and perhaps the most respected among his peers. Scully holds the A.I.M. record for the highest number of combat engagements in almost as many different countries. Need someone to snap the last breath from an enemy? Then Sullivan's your man. Scully is well-known for his skills with a bladed weapon.

Additional Info:

  • Scully is a super friendly guy. He's been married seven times and has eight kids.
  • Though British, he has a out-going demeanor and accent that is easily mistaken for Australian
  • Deadly, yet exhibits no fascination for gore.

35. Unger, Barry

Hungarian-born Unger is part of a new breed of explosive experts. He learned most of his trade the safe way--in a classroom. His studies included the theory behind incendiary devices, and the technical aspects of electronics and circuitry. Although he also took locksmith and swimming courses, he didn't do well in the latter.

Additional Info:

  • Speaks with a heavy Hungarian accent. Use of English is stilted and overly formal.
  • Dispassionate and distant, straightforward with his opinions, yet meek.
  • Religion had a strong part in his upbringing.
  • Precise and intelligent (would read instructions before attempting anything).

36. Viau, J.P. "La Malice"

Jean-Pierre may be a little rough around the edges, but he is extremely sharp with a blade-in-hand. He acquired most of his skills while working as the head doorman at a nightclub. Street fighting is definitely one of his strengths. La Malice seems to have found his calling with A.I.M.
though, as he has honed his talents to exquisite perfection.

Additional Info:

  • Has a backwoods, Quebecois French accent.
  • Not too smart, he's sadistically helpful.
  • Takes pride in his small accomplishments.
  • Thinks of himself of somewhat of a ladies man

37. Vilde, Lennart "Scream"

Len is a leader type, infectious to others. A bit of a joker, with a strange sense of humour. Like Janno Allik he originates from Estonia and has a German mother. Unhappy childhood in Siberia, but made him harder. Night operations and automatic weapons are his greatest strengths.

Additional Info

  • Happy to go where ever Janno Allik goes. Both men became mercenaries after the Russian withdrawal from East Germany.

38. Walker, Earl "Magic"

Magic's calm, cool, and collected demeanor sets the tone for battle. In peak physical condition, he displays razor-sharp reflexes and catlike agility. Magic can ferret out danger with astonishing acumen. And with his lethal marksmanship, he quickly and efficiently puts an end to any threat. He's nicknamed Magic due to the way doors seem to open up in front of him.

Additional Info:

  • Voice: Deep, drawn-out and definitive
  • Extreme kickass attitude. Magic get things done - Fast.
  • Snapperhead = idiot
  • Assertive, detached and deadly

39. Waters, Victoria "Vicki"

Whether it's repairing a handgun or firing off automatic weapon bursts, the ambidextrous Victoria Waters works best with her hands. Aside from working for A.I.M., Vicki spends her spare time managing Vicki's Vintage Automobiles, her own restoration and antique car dealership. Despite constant teasing, Vicki insists on using the stairs no matter how tall the building.

Additional Info:

  • Jamaican accent.
  • Very methodical and determined. No-nonsense.
  • The easy-going accent, contrasts her forceful dialogue. It also contrasts her mechanical abilities by giving her a sense of sophistication.

40. Williams, Ice

The Iceman is back. After a short yet disastrous stint with one of our competitors--and we use that term loosely-Ice gained insight and wisdom on the merits of dealing with a professional organization. Williams owes a debt of gratitude to Magic for getting him reinstated. Ice's patience and friendly demeanor make him an ideal instructor. His choice of weapon is automatic.

Additional Info

  • Cool, laid-back, patient and friendly.
  • Never gets overly excited. He's always got it covered.
  • Lives life for the moment, by the moment.
  • Conversation has a street corner, rather than combat zone, feel to it.